About the BABC

The British-American Business Council (BABC) is the largest transatlantic business network, with 21 chapters and 2,500 member companies based in major regions throughout North America and the United Kingdom. "A Member of the BritishAmerican Business Network"

What are the BABC’s Goals?

The BABC supports its chapters and member companies by:

  • Promoting the US-UK business partnership;
  • Providing its chapters and member companies with access to a broader, transatlantic business network;
  • Offering a number of business benefits and opportunities to its member companies, in addition to those offered by their regional chapters.
  • Promoting the US-UK business partnership;

Is the BABC active in policy issues?

As well as providing practical business benefits and opportunities for members, the BABC is also concerned to promote a positive transatlantic policy environment to assist them in the efficient and profitable conduct of their business.

The BABC has designated BritishAmerican Business Inc. of New York and London (BABi) to take the lead for the BABC on these issues. BABi has established a Transatlantic Steering Committee, which gets input from its policy leaders in Washington and London, to guide and oversee the development of this trade/investment policy program. The BABC also keeps members advised of policy issues that may impact on their business by distributing Policy Focus.

How is the BABC Governed and Administered?

The BABC is a not-for-profit membership organization. Its chapters are independent business organizations that participate in the BABC to provide a broader transatlantic business network and additional benefits for their member companies.

The BABC is governed by its Board of Directors (which includes a representative of each of its chapters) and its Executive Committee (which includes a representative from each of its major regions, as well as its principal officers). Its Chief Executive and Secretariat are based in New York.